Team Tracker App ]

Team tracker app for family safety and location tracking

  • Team tracker app can not just be used for officials purposes but its also a great handy tool for family’s safety and tracking during travel.
  • Imagine you are traveling to crowded unsafe or difficult locations and want to track each-others location for safety and tracking. Team tracker app by continuously broadcasting location information on the devices with appropriate permissions keeps the entire group in the know.
  • People can know the status of other fellow members, how far they are the device status and group and private messages between each other.
  • The group admin or team managers can get much detailed reports per member per day.
    Thus team tracker app can be used wherever tracking other peoples location may be important- picnics, expeditions, tours small tours and trips in varied locations and settings provided mobile network and GPS tracking is working.
  • We offer no strings attached free trial for 14 days. Do give it a try and let us know your valuable feedback.
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Santosh Maharshi

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