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Talkk.ai – WhatsApp Chatbots Demo

Talkk.ai provides easy to adopt chatbot solutions for Indian consumers and provide scale to Enterprises for their chatbot adoption. WhatsApp has turned out to be a blessing for Chatbots. Indian Enterprises must test out their use cases…

1. WhatsApp is the default messenger of choice for Indians
2. The Hybrid and menu based system can resolve barrier to entry and enable mass adoption
3. NLP is an enabler, not a 100% safe solution for pan India implementation
4. Handholding of a user on a chatbot is very essential
6 Remember Amazon Echo’s most used use case is playing songs.

Use Chatbots to serve your top use cases, users and tasks.

WhatsApp Chatbot Video Demoes

AxisDirect WhatsApp Chatbot Demo

AxisDirect is a leading stock broking house in India. Through this innovative & unique digital innovation Axis Direct investors are always connected to the market

The market investors and users get features beyond personalized alerts, research ideas, and market updates. They get this on WhatsApp, the preferred mobile messenger in India. To raise the bar in providing speedy services the bot is also powered by an Artificial Intelligence to assist with live portfolio values, stock quotes, index values or even answer investor queries on chat. These services are offered for the first time in the Indian broking industry.

Future Generali WhatsApp Chatbot Demo

Future Generali India has used the Talkk.ai platform to provide quick customer service to policy clients & potential customers on WhatsApp Chatbot. The interactive chatbot on WhatsApp Messenger serves customers by fetching policy documents, sending policy documents quickly as an additional mode for policy buyers, has integration with APIs to recognize and validate customer documents like Adhaar Card & PAN card, fetching & answering FAQs about various types of insurance policies & serving the customers on both pre-sales & post-sales of a policy.

The chatbot helps the customer beyond this as well by providing quick resolutions to premium related queries, any other queries related to the policy and most importantly get real-time information on any policy any hour of the day.

This is a chatbot and a virtual agent serving the customers 24×7

IIFL WhatsApp Chatbot Demo

A customer service bot meant for the customers of IIFL. Serving various regular investor queries like Today’s Market condition, Getting the latest quotes for the stocks, Top news of the day, Get IIFL to view on the market, Top Ideas & recommendations for investors and facility to start or stop a particular notification.

About Talkk.ai  

Talkk.ai utilizes the best of both the worlds. Artificial Intelligence & Human Agent power. It supports 3 mode of chatbot interactions with your customers, employees or business partners

  • AI Mode – Fully automated AI agents manage or answers all queries
  • Human Mode – Chat queries from various channels come to a Human Agent at one place and they chat with the customers.
  • AI + Human Agent – AI manages all queries and based on logic – unanswerable or hot leads transfers it to a human agent.


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* The above WhatsApp chatbot video is for demo purpose only. The live bot may vary.

Santosh Maharshi

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