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40+ Startup & New Business Ideas 2018

Dear Businesses & Startups,

Wishing you a happy 2018. We work with good companies with excellent teams and innovative ideas. Of course, it got delivered in 2017 with the help of our superb team members. Thank you all. Let’s make some good stuff in 2018. See you in browsers and app stores. Good Luck!

Topics – AI, Chatbots, Social Networks, Online Communities, Apps, Food & Culture, Teaching & Learning, Travel, Democracy & Policy, Accessibility, Insivity & Diversity, Science & Medicine, Big Data, SaaS, and so on. Work in progress.

Start-up & New Business Ideas

  1. Social Nuisance – Use someone’s else’s content, put borders, emojis, crappy copy and hit enter. Actually my bad its already there but it’s never too late 🙂
  2. Veteran Social – Online / offline communities for veterans & retired professionals.
  3. Democracy Forum – Online / offline communities for discussing democracy. Local, Global and individual.
  4. Eureka Today – Scientific discoveries of the day. Discoveries, Explanation, Impact, and Future.
  5. Dinner Roulette – Group dinners arranged between strangers. Arranged by common interests or totally serendipitous.
  6. Neighborhood – Very old idea, implemented in some form somewhere. Know thy neighbor. Neighborhood communities brought closer by online tools
  7. Daily Global Tiffin – World food in a box. Discover home delivered food – from a new place every day.
  8. AI Social Networker – AI matches you with people all around the world. Face, DNA or any other physical characteristics
  9. Workshop Travel – Travel portal to learn new skills. Learn pizza making by Italian chef in Italy
  10. Go Historical – Travel to historical places, for a one-week history course
  11. Teacher Tutor – Find a teacher near you, to fund her educational advancement, new diploma, new courses, new degrees
  12. Know thy Food / Med – Scan the packaged food or medicines or supplements to get it’s constituents, ratings, reviews and latest news updates.
  13. FakePOD – Podcast on fake news of the day.
  14. Policy DB – Policy index – IMDB ratings, reviews, speeches, news, comments and contributions of a politician.
  15. You can live without this – A browser plugin, intelligent or just action based – tells you-you can live without this.
  16. Home companion – A friendly device for patients to monitor their health care needs, alert others, detect distress and play the best content to lift up the mood.
  17. Help on Wheels – Networked clinics & ambulances on wheels – Which can scale like Uber or Lyft, possible?
  18. Democratic Office – An app to make decisions democratically in your office.
  19. Topics market – For content creators – Opposite of patrion. Create competition, award projects and jointly raise money with friends for content that you want to be created.
  20. Open source projects market – Funds, monies, ideas of the people, by the people for the people
  21. Smile box – Gift a stranger in any part of the world. A book to a kid, new glasses to an old woman, loan to a farmer.
  22. Open Source Blueprints – From Home Furniture projects to robotics. Build at home using open designs.
  23. Simple Toys – Totally analog and simple toys and games for kids.
  24. Sample Voice – A marketplace to get the best voice for your ads/content. Choose voice, Convert your text to voice and hit Play.
  25. Big Data As SaaS – You have the data, we have the powers to understand it. Understand it better – on demand
  26. Security as a Service – CryptoSecurity – We provide authentication and validation.
  27. Public Events – Show all public events near you. Free as in speech, not as in Beer.
  28. Subtitle Spectacles – for Hearing impaired – Show real-time text subtitle and translations
  29. Local DNA mapping & Food Effects – Don’t just believe in Paleo or the Global fads. Try paleo and compare it with your results and people around you. In your country or DNA like you.
  30. Is this medicine banned? – Search a med if it’s banned. In which countries and why?
  31. Exclusive DNA like me – Permission based handshake and introduction of people who have a similar but rare health condition like you.
  32. Good Stuff, From Good Companies – An Index of most open, less carbon footprint, CSI index, good employers, etc wholesome rating index – Not product ratings, But Maker Index
  33. How far are we? – Worried about a topic, find when you can achieve complete solution. Automate Flying Cars, Housing, Global Warming, Universal Basic Income, Clean Air…
  34. Bitcoin, Open & Mutual Insurance – The power of crowdsourcing, can it work in life and health insurance? A mutual fund like in coins, where you invest and only take money out at the time of proven issues.
  35. Sub-Titles to sounds – AI converts subtitles into speech. When it’s coming next in VLC
  36. Pro Ratings & Reviews – Reviews by professionals in that field, strictly. Review a book if you are a writer, Review a song if you are a musician.
  37. Pet Voice – A device interpreting what your pets are saying. Studied from thousands of examples.
  38. Couples Only – An app only for couples in a relationship, no tracking. No advertising. Paid
  39. Family Apps – Dame as above with structured data to organize and love family. No advertising. No tracking. Paid.
  40. Blue Well – Challenge your friends to do something good today.  Buy a coffee for a stranger, Say thank you to their parents,  Spend a day with grandparents…

Stay tuned, we will try our best to post some more thoughts and ideas in 2018. We all are in holiday mood now.

Happy Holidays!
Team Gray Matrix

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