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Do you really need a costly GPS device and subscription? Get tracking and communication both through TeamTracker App.

Team Tracker app tracks your team’s location and allows team managers to communicate in real time with their team through 1:1 and group chats.admin

In certain cases, it might be more convenient to use team tracker app over a GPS device…..

  • Main application – GPS device is solely used for tracking purpose, then that main application can be replicated through other means and Team Tracker app offers the tracking functionality quite well on your regular smartphone.
  • Affordability – Team Tracker App can be installed on any IOS or Android phone which depending on the model could work out cheaper than a GPS device along with it’s subscription
  • Added benefits – In Team Tracker App you are not just tracking the location of the person of you are also in touch via chat & messaging.
  • Convenience – If you are managing a big team, through web interface you get the amplified experience where you are managing your teams, getting their location information constantly and passing on the task to them instantly via web interface to their mobiles, optimitimising the field work almost in real time.
  • Customisation – If you want to take Team Tracker App to the next level via integrations through your existing enterprise apps, we can talk and figure out how we can help you.


If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us. For more information please visit our pricing and features page. We are offering 14 days free trial offer, no strings attached and no credit card required

Santosh Maharshi

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