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Indian delivery and e-commerce startups, Team Tracker App is your companion in success

Dear Indian Delivery Startups,

Team Tracker App is your companion in success, it allows you to track the location of your mobile workforce on the field and communicate with them through in-built messenger, grouped as per teams.

The app is available for iOS, Android and has special interface for the web which allows you to utilize the full power of your desktop and screen size.

Here’re the salient features of the Team Tracker App.

Team Management

  • Members Grouping – Team member can be grouped as per the functions of the team and one member can be part of multiple teams.
  • Check-in and Check-outs – To reflect the presence of field staff, you can now through a simple dashboard, who logged in for the day, who didn’t and who’s still on the field.
  • Map views & List Views – Show display of team members nearby, calculated from the reference point of your mobile device.
  • Profiles and address book – Inbuilt profile within the app so that you can trigger multiple activities from a team member’s profile page – initiate a phone call, direct message and email.
  • Web based interface – You can do all the above on mobile and now imagine a full blown web interface which gives you benefit of a bigger screen size, extra admin based functions, detailed reporting and ability to manage things in better speed and efficiency.

Team Communication

  • Communicate with each team separately and do a group chat with each team, brodcast messages, on a private app just meant for the official purposes.
  • Chat 1:1 with individual team members.
  • Send email, initiate phone calls and direct message to any team member via the profile page

Why Team Tracker App is specially beneficial for delivery business and startups

  1. Create multiple teams, assign team manager and have a controlled environment as per the function
  2. Optimize field work and efficiency by knowing who’s is where in the field, who’s near who on the field.
  3. Take quick decisions without need to call up people to know where they are and pass on to them the next job
  4. Cover an area in a better way, through instant visual know-how of teams on the field and detailed reports you can obtain for a particular period.
  5. Know daily path of coverage of each delivery staff and understand how their efficiency can be optimized.
  6. Decide which area needs what number of staff at what time of the day, so that your field presence matches with the need of the field i.e. your orders.
  7. Shuffle, decide team coverage or member stregth by having a good understanding of how your delivery business works from the point of view of area.
  8. Increase your operational efficiency at main office (HQ) by equipping delivery team managers to conduct operation in a better and efficient way – they know have a better view of the field just at a glance now.
  9. What if your delivery staff need something on the field – they now can pass important message to the area manager in a second, have knowledge of other delivery staff nearby and can know important messages and instructions of the day in an instant without wasting too much time of physical 1:1 telephonic calls even for the most simplest communication.
  10. We can also integrate, forms processing, order processing any other field requirement or end-customer;s input on the field. Talk to us and we can explore opportunities with you.

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Santosh Maharshi

Santosh is Director - Innovations at Gray Matrix. He focuses on Digital Marketing & Product Marketing, Previously he has worked with Rediff & Microsoft in India & South East Asia. LinkedIn : Twitter