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Gray Matrix’s Team Tracker app featured in Indian Express

Mathew Joy Maniyamkott writes about Graymatrix’s Team Tracker app in Indian Express dated 11 May 2015

Now you need not invest time in calling up your mobile workforce to know where they are located and what steps they need to take next based on their location. Track all the members within your team on your desktop, and communicate with them instantly. Your messages are also secured as they are using a private app to communicate with you, team logins are based on user Ids (company email) and personal passwords.

Established in 2004, Gray Matrix is an organisation that solves IT-related problems. Their product, Team Tracker, a mobile and desktop application helps employers track their employees and communicate with them along with keeping a tab on their attendance. The founding duo of Dharmesh Kothari, 36, and Santosh Maharshi, 38, have worked with many field sales and support companies where they invest a lot of time in making simple location-based decisions without a solid system to optimise the field staff. That is when they came up with the idea of Team Tracker where an organisation can manage its field staff in real time, the way flight operations are managed.

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Santosh Maharshi

Santosh is Director - Innovations at Gray Matrix. He focuses on Digital Marketing & Product Marketing, Previously he has worked with Rediff & Microsoft in India & South East Asia. LinkedIn : Twitter