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“Chat apps will come to be thought of as the new browsers; bots will be the new websites. This is the beginning of a new internet.” Ted Livingston, CEO at Kik

What are Chatbots ?

The most accessible device with your consumer is their mobile. That is also their Unique Identifier like Email. Chatbots are small intelligent and communicative programs offering personalised attention and resolution of customer queries on their phone at best speed, best cost and best efficiency.

Chatbots can resolve 30% of your standard customer queries and interactions. Which also means 30% more time for your agents for more important services and upselling.

Chatbots for Insurance – Gray Bots

1. Sales and Marketing: – Campaigns & lead capturing

2. Pre-Sales: Awareness for the product or category.

3. New Business : Calculations for quotes & serving base queries

4. Underwriting: Automating certain tasks like documentation verification or cross checks

5. Claims: Claim process request to resolution

6. Customer Service: Policy suggestion, policy maintenance, payments processing, ongoing touch points & relationship, reminders, due policies and much more

Today’s customers want services at the speed of chat. Connect & Chat with them. .

Chatbots for Banking- Gray Bots

1. Faster call centers – Auto verification & processing of standard business inquiries

2. Quick product knowledge – Wherever & whenever your customer demands

3. Beyond business hours – 24/7 standard customer request processing

4. Less friction banking – No long tele queues & calls. Quick processing

5. Efficient & Profits – Customer Reps focus on customers. Bots focus on standard requests

6. Focus on VAS & Customer delight – Let Chatbot handle the work

Your bank’s customers are using the chat apps to communicate with various business. Are they conversing with you ? Move to conversational commerce today.

Chatbots for Human Resources (HR) – Gray Bots

1. Access to Talent Pool – Inform right jobs to right talent.

2. Happy employees – Smoothen standard HR process. From leaves to HR polls

3. Notice boards to Chatbot boards – Quick notification to all employees

4. Easy Communication – Leadership messages, target celebration to birthday messages

5. Mini Intranet on mobile – Easen up official messages to human messaging

6. Ideas & Innovations – Quick polls, ideation or surveys

7. Team Status – Gather important information wherever you are.

We can help you to connect your HRMS to various messaging platforms or build one ground up over it.

Chatbots for Service Industry – Gray Bots

1. Easy service request – As easy as 1, 2 & 3. Don’t ask the same question, twice.

2. No wait, No troubles – Quick customer requests. More happy customers

3. Focus more customer satisfaction – Service fulfillment, than noting the problem.

4. Self service models – Can some requests be fulfilled in automated manner, then why not ?

5. When do you get happy ? – When customer support calls you, or you call them ?

6. Automation – Warranty Registrations, Service Reminders, Call logging & more.

7. Free the Humans – Both customers & employees, let them establish relations & experience.

Let chatbots manage process and humans manage customer satisfaction & happiness.

Chatbots for F&B Industry – Gray Bots

1. On Demand Menu – Offer menus quickly on mobile

2. Quick Customer Orders – Accept orders via Chats.

3. Enjoy Happy Customers – More time to delight the customers.

4. Less rotation from desk to desk – One number, one customer, more services.

5. Electronic Receipts – Generate electronic receipts as you go.

6. Upsell more services – Gentle nudges to related services

7. Instant customer satisfaction score – Gather quick insight after each transaction.

Are you a hotel, restaurant or a cafe, your customers are on one of the chat apps, are you ?

Which chatbot you want to launch today ?

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  • Skype for Business
  • Whatsapp
  • Twitter
  • Telegram
  • Slack
  • WeChat
  • Line
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Santosh Maharshi

Santosh is Director - Innovations at Gray Matrix. He focuses on Digital Marketing & Product Marketing, Previously he has worked with Rediff & Microsoft in India & South East Asia. LinkedIn : Twitter