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Chatbots for Pharma Industry

Transform your pharma business through the use of Chatbots – from patient care, sales & marketing to business intelligence & analytics.

“People are now spending more time in messaging apps than in social media, and that is a huge turning point. Messaging apps are the platforms of the future, and bots will be how their users access all sorts of services.” — Peter Rojas, Entrepreneur in Residence at Betaworks


What is a Chatbot?

Chatbot is a computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users, especially over the Internet.Mainly Chatbots can be divided into two categories, informational and transactional.

They are available on types of messaging and communication platforms over web and mobile like Facebook Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp, WeChat and so on. They are also coming to IoT devices through Amazon Alexa.

Enterprise Touch Points for Chatbots in Pharma Business

Customer Support

A chatbot can power your website or be present on platform of your choice to answer frequently asked questions by existing customers, generate a support ticket, track status of the service request or be a simple user guide to in general customers.

Branding / Marketing

Connect with your current and potential customers via regular brand information and news, market suite of products & services and get instant feedback from consumers. Provide simple and short services to full fledged marketing campaigns.


A bot can take orders too, process an individual orders from stores to track the sales team and the daily feedback cum status of your sales team.

Education & News

Let your teams and business partners know what’s happening with you and your industry. Pass on regular information to them or simply educate them on a particular topic. No more bulky messaging, simple and direct information

Human Resources (HR)

A chatbot to manage all aspects of your HR for always moving employees and to make it super simple, to save time. Process leave request and applications to being a mini intranet on phone.


Business Intelligence & Analytics

Today’s fast pace management need access to top metrics and state of daily basis in precise and quick manner. Don’t let it get lost in daily email traffic.

Business Tools

Want to convert any multiple steps oriented procedure into a simple flow via Chat Tool, it can be made possible. Conduct & quick survey, poll, questionnaire & more.

Custom Examples of Chatbots in Pharma Business

Virtual Nurse

Automated patient care through daily touch points

Gray Matrix virtual nurse is a chatbot in hands of your patient providing all the technology bases assistance, care and support to the patients. It asks the patient daily about medicines that they have to take, reminds them of activities suggested by the doctor, keep tracks of all the data feeded into the system by doctors / patients and provides full summary of the patient’s progress. It can even fix tests with the lab or fix an appointment with the doctor.

Personal Health Assistant

Helping the patients lead a healthy life.

This app powered by Gray Matrix’s Chatbot is totally geared towards positive affirmations and assistance to lead a healthy life. It can answer all the questions related to health & fitness, lead a healthy life through activity and diet and keeping records of all health markers.

Health QnA

Answers to your health related Questions 24/7

Create specialized bot for a particular disease and provide frequently asked question and answer 24×7. Create a brand specific bot which will cover multiple conditions or create a condition specific bot

Chatbot for Doctors / E-learning

Provide assistance to Doctors whenever they are in need.

It becomes difficult to keep track of all the latest research regarding your medicines, specific papers on various conditions and many other information regarding your company and products. Now do it with an easy of chat, Doctors can self serve all this information with a touch of a button or schedule a con-call or meeting with your sales representative.

Market Trends

Find few examples of how Chatbots are helping the health & medicine industry

  • – Virtual nurse that engages discharged patients to follow up with treatment plans and adherence.
  • Your.MD – Personal health care assistant to answer your health related questions
  • MedWhat – Medical assistant to answer questions related to medicines side effects, usage and more.
  • BOSTON CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL – Uses Amazon’s Alexa to provide assistance to parents
  • HEALTHTAP – Physician-provided answers made available on a Facebook Messenger chat bot.
  • Florence bot for Messenger – A healthcare chatbot. Reminds medication, check symptoms, send daily health tips, find a doctor or tell more about a disease.
  • Lybrate – Bot for Facebook Messenger – seamlessly connects to doctors from across India

Santosh Maharshi

Santosh is Director - Innovations at Gray Matrix. He focuses on Digital Marketing & Product Marketing, Previously he has worked with Rediff & Microsoft in India & South East Asia. LinkedIn : Twitter