Chatbots for Human Resources (HR)

Chatbots for Human Resource (HR)

Chatbots are transforming each and every part of business, why not HR ?

Modern employees, at all levels and part of all demographics spend majority of their time with some or the other messaging application. Though, some pundits will blame it for frivolousness a lot is achieved through this messaging- birthday greetings, bank alerts, pending payment reminders, booking a cab, to receiving flight alerts.

Would you feel comfortable if your Bank didn’t provide you any alert on these basic channels ?

A lot has been achieved on basic communication channels like SMS & Messaging and much more needs to be done and achieved.

AI is not the competitor, it’s your friend in many regards. Imagine, how much time your people spend in answering routine queries in any organization, in any industry and in any department. Can we make a simple structure, add more functionality to the structure as we go along and make humans more free for building human to human touch. Rather than spending time on routine & repetitive tasks.

HR is one such department, it’s more than employing people, it’s about building relationships and building a culture, a culture towards organization’s goals – in terms of KPIs, Balance Sheets and most importantly of People Happiness and People Success.

HR Chatbots can now help you with these goals. Bring people more closer, free up both HR & Employees from basic routine matters and allowing both of them to spent time on more important matters. That is, Human to human interactions.

How to make HR Chatbots accessible to everyone in your team.

There is problem here, both in terms of what program they would use and how easily they can use it without any learning curve. There could be a wide gap in IT usage from leadership team to employee on the floor.

For first problem, though we started with SMS – we identified that majority of scenarios of “which platform” ? could be answered by Facebook Messenger. Not only it’s almost on all web browsers, in logged in state, it’s also almost a default app on mobile phones. We do have provisions to include more messaging platforms if any organization desires.

The second problem of ease of access and usability was solved by easy Menu system. Through a small inside study we found out that menu system is easy to understand and operate for everyone. Even those employees, who were not very conversant with English speaking, actually understood the menu and simple words like paid leaves, list of holidays and almost all the options of HR Chatbot menu, very well. Even the answers, in formatted english was very much understood by all employees.

The biggest test for HR Chatbot – The HR department.

Well, almost there was no surprise here. Almost all HR folks agreed that, the majority of the questions that they get on any given day are the ones we picked up in the HR Chatbot menu.

Towards the mini-intranet for HR.

We were internally testing and developing some interesting options for our clients. The HR Chatbot, besides push-pull request mechanism is also a great engagement tool, Imagine how opportunity of human to human interactions are sometimes lost on Email. The preloaded management and employees, have to process so much information.

Through HR Chatbots and mini-intranet over messaging platform based approach, we are trying to answer such questions. Be it messages from Leadership team or celebrate a small success or simply greet someone – our aim is to simplify these and make it light weight.
Here is simple screen of what menu option and there results would look like.

Preview of HR Chatbot Screens

HR Chatbot Menu Screen
HR Chatbot Menu
HR Chatbot - Holiday Query
HR Chatbot – Holiday Query
HR Chatbot - Facebook Messenger
HR Chatbot – Facebook Messenger
We would be happy to know more about your HR Challenges and how through a mobile app and latest in Chatbots, we can be of any help. A few demos, can be arranged where we can show you some live examples.

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