Team Tracker App Case Study

Case Study – Team Tracker App

Team Tracker App – Gray Matrix launches Team Tracker App to manage employees on the field.


IT access to field employees is minimal but they need to communicate with Head Office regularly. HO needs location information of the employees to optimize and manage field activities. Field employees need effective communication with managers and colleagues.


Team Tracker is the modern app for the efficient and connected mobile teams.
Track team location
Track team attendance
Team and 1:1 real-time chat


  • Track Check-ins and Check-outs for team members
  • Find teammates near you to optimise work items
  • Effective 1:1 communication with teammates and team managers
  • Group messaging and broadcasts for important updates


  • Track locations for your team members to optimise field jobs
  • Web-based dashboard for team managers to track people on the field
  • Manage and communicate with your team from web and mobile
  • Detailed reports on your team location span and coverage


Project Checklist

  • Design & Development
  • Saas – Product Features & Pricing
  • Android & Apple Clients
  • Web Dashboard & Analytics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Online Sales & Marketing


Team Tracker App – Track and chat with your mobile workforce on the field.

“ Be Email Free. Get the real-time location information for your teams on the field, chat with individual team members & broadcast important message to the whole team.”

Organizations and managers spend a lot of time in coordinating with their colleagues on the field, to know their location and make decisions based on employee proximity and availability. There are many cases like Sales, Logistics, Supply Chain and so on where location information, the distance between two employees and being able to connect such teams together will be an important business time saver or even mean extra business.

Besides the above scenario, Team Tracker App serves a great purpose for employee safety, be it late hours, remote locations, or situations like disaster management. Team Tracker App can also be used by families traveling to an unknown location or looking for a private app for location tracking and communication.

Remember, Team Tracker App is not a spying tool, the person with the mobile has control on broadcasting his or her location information and would know the exact usage of this app in a completely transparent manner.

Team Tracker provides the missing link between employees on the field and their managers on field or at a central location

Employees can use a web dashboard when they are in office and can use a mobile app when on the field.

Team Tracker App is available for monthly subscription at $3 (INR 180) per month / per user or at annual subscription rates of $2.5 ( INR 150) per user / per month.

Try before you buy – 14 Days, Free Trial available without any costs and commitment.

Team Tracker App is available on Web, Android & Apple

 Check-in Check-out

A simple check-in and check-out enable location tracking for the people on the field. Once enabled, it shares location information at regular intervals. Team managers and teammates can locate checked-in people & optimise the field activities and communication accordingly.





Team Chat

Team chat along with location information is a great way to optimise the time, schedule, work items and overall communication for the mobile workforce. Communicate one-on-one with a team member or broadcast important messages to the whole team in one go.




Teammates nearby

For the smart and mobile workforce, it’s always important to know where is the need and who is nearby. Teammates Nearby give you a list and map view of team members on the field. It saves you a lot of time from checking with people and instead focus directly on next steps and actions.

Web dashboard

Tam Tracker is a Hybrid app, it’s available on Web to offer Admins & Team Managers to do more. Do more, on the web with bulk actions, deeper settings and controls, view detailed reports and utilize the big screen for multitasking teams as well. All things available on mobile, plus more.


Smart & efficient mobile teams require smart tracking and communication. Reporting module provides you with insights on your team’s location span and flows throughout a period so that you can take an important decision on which areas need better attention and how your mobile workforce needs to be deployed.

Team Tracker App – Download for Android & Apple

Developed & Marketed by Gray Matrix

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