AxisDirect Whatsapp Chatbot

Gray Matrix Develops AxisDirect’s WhatsApp Virtual Assistant

Gray Matrix Solutions announced its partnership with Axis [Direct to introduce India’s first WhatsApp based Virtual Assistant & Chatbot for the stock markets.

AxisDirect is a leading stock broking house in India. Now through this innovative feature Axis Direct investors are always connected to the market through personalized care and market updates.

The market investors and users get features beyond personalized alerts, research ideas, and market updates. They get this on WhatsApp, the preferred mobile messenger in India. To raise the bar in providing speedy services the bot is also powered by an Artificial Intelligence to assist with live portfolio values, stock quotes, index values or even answer investor queries on chat. These services are offered for the first time in the Indian broking industry.

The security is at the center of the bot by providing end to end encryption. The goal of the app was to provide easy and relevant information to Axis Direct customers anytime and anywhere.

Commenting on this innovative digital solution Mr. Dharmesh Kothari MD of Gray Matrix said

“It was our great pleasure to bring this solution to the market for Axis Direct, a leader in broking industry. They had a good vision and we had a good technology. Gray Matrix will be bringing more such AI and Chatbot solutions to the market in 2018”.


Key Features

  • Get a customized URL for a specific action. Pre-populated fields on click. Now, just modify or confirm the order. Easy.
  • NLP based AI bot to understand and serve the customer needs. Removing hurdles to speak in just menu or keywords. This is the key differentiation compared to other bots in the industry.
  • Get personalized alerts for your portfolio in real-time. Top Gainers, Losers and such market updates in near real-time manner.

How to enable Axis Direct WhatsApp Virtual Assistant

The user onboarding experience is very easy, just click here and follow the 3 simple steps.

The Chatbot Screenshots

Axis Direct WhatsApp Virtual Assistant Screens

AxisDirect Chatbot in the news

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Gray Matrix main focus was to support the daily transaction levels and data security. Axis Direct had great IT guidelines and policies to follow. The second focus was on User Experience. As Gray Matrix had previously worked with banking and finance industry clients, the user needs and user experience were well understood.

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Santosh Maharshi

Santosh is Director - Innovations at Gray Matrix. He focuses on Digital Marketing & Product Marketing, Previously he has worked with Rediff & Microsoft in India & South East Asia. LinkedIn : Twitter