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HN was not just discussing startups and discoveries in technology and science, but culture, arts and politics as well.

India Is Winning Its War on Human Waste

India Banned Literally All Disposable Plastic in Delhi, a Major Win for Planet Earth

The Greening of Kashmir – short – Canon 7D from Tim Silverwood on Vimeo.

Right to Privacy a Fundamental Right, Says Supreme Court in Unanimous Verdict

(I) Privacy has both positive and negative content. The negative content restrains the state from committing an intrusion upon the life and personal liberty of a citizen. Its positive content imposes an obligation on the state to take all necessary measures to protect the privacy of the individual.

India, Once a Coal Goliath, Is Fast Turning Green

India’s IT industry laid off more than 56k employees this year

H-1B visas do mainly go to Indian outsourcing firms

Accounts of girl raised by monkeys in India questioned

There’s a New Kind of Birth Control for Men

Doctors are on the cusp of launching the first new male contraceptive in more than a century. But rather than a Big Pharma lab, the breakthrough is emerging from a university startup in the heart of rural India.

The ancient game that saved a village

On a chess board you are fighting, as we are also fighting the hardships in our daily life

First-degree murder charge filed in possible hate crime shooting at Austins bar in Olathe

Lychee identified as cause for mystery deadly childhood illness

India floats the idea of a universal basic income

Gut microbial degradation of organophosphate insecticides-induces glucose intolerance via gluconeogenesis

India unveils $2.5 billion plan to electrify all households by end 2018

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday launched a $2.5 billion project to electrify all of the country’s households by the end of 2018.

IBM Now Has More Employees in India Than in the U.S

The man who ‘discovered’ 780 languages

When Ganesh Devy, a former professor of English, embarked on a search for India’s languages, he expected to walk into a graveyard, littered with dead and dying mother tongues.

Instead, he says, he walked into a “dense forest of voices”, a noisy Tower of Babel in one of the world’s most populous nations.

The East India Company: The original corporate raiders | William Dalrymple

Launch HN: Wifi Dabba (YC W17) – Low-Cost Wifi in India | Hacker News

Wifi Dabba provides super cheap, super fast internet at tea-stalls and bakeries in Bangalore, India. We built Wifi Dabba because mobile data is still expensive and also because getting wifi at the local bakery is just downright cool. We focussed on chai wallahs and bakeries because they’re everywhere and practically everyone in India gets chai at least once a day from these stalls. We have 3 plans, Rs.2 for 100mb, Rs.10 for 500mb & Rs.20 for 20GB (edit: whoops, that should say 1GB. Someday we’ll hit that low of a rate!). We don’t have any free trials or ads because we think the Rs.2 price point is something that everyone can afford. We’ve got 100 locations so far, if you’re reading this from Bangalore, check out our coverage map on to try us out at a bakery near you. Our grand plan is to have Bangalore totally covered by the end of this year.

The best meal you can buy for 13 cents

Computer scientist Viral Shah helped build Julia from Bengaluru, India

GCP arrives in India with launch of Mumbai region

Modi Takes a Leap With India’s Biggest-Ever Tax Overhaul

Tea Tuesday: Meet The Chai Wallahs Of India

On virtually every other street corner, in every city or town or village in India, there is a chai wallah — a tea vendor who supplies the piping hot, milky brew that fuels the country.

Indian IT, “You’re Fired!”! but our Chairman is sorry about the way we fired you | LinkedIn

Life Aboard the Longest Train Ride Through India

If you pay attention, you can engage with the pure joy of traveling. For me, it is the feeling of being united with all our differences.

The Indian government is about to endorse giving all its citizens free money

Amazon Is Asking Indians To Hand Over Their Aadhaar, India’s Controversial Biometric ID, To Track Lost Packages

Show EVMs can be hacked, EC throws open challenge

Why many Indian politicians have a criminal record

A penchant for criminality is an electoral asset in India, the world’s biggest democracy

Google for India: Building India-first products and features

In Its Third Month, India’s Cash Shortage Begins to Bite

Inside the TalkTalk ‘scam call centre’

India is preparing to land on the moon for the first time in the country’s history

Amazon, in hunt for lower prices, recruits Indian merchants

The drink Brits go to bed with and Indians wake up with

“Comforting, warming, fortifying since 1906,” is written on the promotional mug Horlicks launched in the UK last year.

India’s Forgotten Stepwells

India freaks out over U.S. plans to change H-1B high-skilled visas

Kicking off Stripe’s private beta in India

One Year After India Killed Off Cash, Here’s What Other Countries Should Learn from It

Launch HN: NextDrop Technologies (YC S17) – Water Marketplace for Urban India | Hacker News

There are 400M people living in Indian cities today, but only 200M of them get reliable access to the public utility water. The other half have to buy private water, often from water trucks!

Google debuts Tez, a mobile payments app for India that uses Audio QR to transfer money

Bill to Legalize Marijuana Cleared for Parliament

Visitors risk death if they step foot on mysterious tribe’s island

San Francisco university lays off IT workers, jobs head to India

India demonetisation fails to purge black money

Apple has started production of iPhone SE in India, shipping to customers later in May

Aadhaar: Ushering in a Commercialized Era of Surveillance in India

India’s Ambassador car brand sold

Ask HN: Xray cost – USA $200 (13000 INR), India 1000 INR – what causes 10x diff? | Hacker News

Trump and Sessions plan to restrict highly skilled foreign workers. Hyderabad says to bring it on.

Launch HN: Cashfree (YC S17) – Automated Payouts and Bank Transfers for India | Hacker News

Cashfree is India’s first payments platform that automates inbound and outbound bank transfers. This replaces the slow, error prone alternative of uploading Excel files for bulk payments or manually reconciling payments received via bank transfers. Using Cashfree, payouts that took more than a day to process, happen instantly and independent of banking hours.

How many URLs/Websites are blocked in India? Government gives different answers

In response to two different RTI applications, the government mentioned two different numbers with respect the number of blocked URLs/websites. In both cases, the government refused to disclose the list of URLs.

India’s Bad Debt Is Looking Better to Investors

rQuery – All new exciting script · Razorpay

Launch HN: Piggy (YC S17) – Investment App for India | Hacker News

The app has quick online account setup, easy to use interface, built in user support (in app chat, email and call). Users can access all the fund houses in a single app. Transactions cost less than $10 a year and there are options for lowering that cost. The app charges a flat fee of 50 cents per buy transaction. We take no hidden commissions from asset management firms, unlike most services in India. Saved commissions mean higher returns for our users.

India will ban driverless cars in order to protect jobs

India’s Nuclear Scientists Keep Dying Mysteriously 2013

India is rolling out trains with solar-powered coaches that’ll save thousands of litres of diesel

On July 14, Indian Railways rolled out its first train with rooftop solar panels that power the lights, fans, and information display systems inside passenger coaches. Although the train will still be pulled by a diesel-powered locomotive, a set of 16 solar panels atop each coach will replace the diesel generators that typically power these appliances. The railways estimate that a train with six solar-powered coaches could save around 21,000 litres of diesel every year, worth around Rs12 lakh.

India’s big data hunt for cures to its mental, ageing-related diseases | FactorDaily

The 300 million Indians older than 60 years by 2050 will owe it big time to a team of scientists, psychiatrists, and local health professionals in Kolar today. It is prospecting for gold of a different kind: data on how Indians grow old.

First-ever fiber optic cable connecting the USA with 3 BRICS countries

How Google is priming its Next Billion ambition in India — and the backstory of why the search giant is in such a tough place | FactorDaily

Allergan Pulls A Fast One

The backstory of Alexa’s Indian makeover: desi, agnostic, politically independent and… work in progress | FactorDaily

Ask HN: What are your views on India based development agencies? | Hacker News

95% engineers in India unfit for software development jobs: study

Show HN: Credy – Peer-to-Peer Lending Platform for India

Refinance credit card bill, handle an emergency or pay for a professional course – whatever your need, Credy is here to help. Avail fast personal loans at reasonable rates. Save time with a digitized online process. Enjoy the new way to get personal loans.

Apple ‘to start making iPhones in India’

India’s workhorse rocket fails for the first time in decades


McDonalds India is leaking 2.2 million users data – Hacker Noon

Fired Tech Workers Turn to Chatbots for Counseling

Made redundant by automation, thousands of workers are embracing the convenience, anonymity and affordability of online therapy.

India’s push to broaden use of its biometric database

India’s Supreme Court ruled on Thursday the right to privacy is a fundamental right protected by the Indian Constitution, in a potential setback to the government’s push to mandate the use of Aadhaar, or unique ID numbers for a variety of routine tasks.

How India uses recycled pipes to detect ferocious solar storms

What does a sensational scientific discovery about a solar storm in the Earth’s magnetic field have to do with old, recycled steel pipes which lay buried for more than a decade under a now-defunct gold mine in India?

This Indian ISP won’t let its users use 128 bit or 256 bit encryption

Opium, Empire, and India (Part I)

Citizens don’t have absolute right over their bodies: Government – Times of India

Fact check: India wasn’t the first place Sanskrit was recorded – it was Syria

Muslim Women In India Ask Top Court To Ban Instant Divorce

Rivigo is helping the Indian truck-driving industry out of a jam

People in India are angry at Snapchat but they are boycotting the wrong app – Snapchat Daily

Brief: India aims for a massive shift to electric cars, taking cue from China

Niti Aayog, a government think tank headed by India’s prime minister, has prepared a new policy aiming to electrify all vehicles in the country by 2032. It proposes lower taxes and interest rates on loans for fully electric cars, as well as a phased reduction in

How the University of California exploited a visa loophole to move tech jobs to India – LA Times

The Bibighar Massacre: The Darkest Days of the Indian Rebellion of 1857 | Author Mimi Matthews

New Rules Against Animal Cruelty Raise The Stake For India’s Beef Wars

Murder in Small-Town India

India’s Call-Center Talents Put to a Criminal Use: Swindling Americans

India court bans Islamic instant divorce

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel Accused Of Saying ‘India Is Too Poor, This App Is For Rich People’

The ‘sanity’ row among India’s top judges

The Indian judiciary is in the midst of an unprecedented crisis which has resulted in rival judges issuing court orders for each other to undergo mental health evaluations. The BBC’s Geeta Pandey unravels an extraordinary series of events.

This AI-enabled dermatology app aims to save Indians the blushes | FactorDaily

India has around 11,000 dermatologists – less than one for its 100,000 people. A majority of the skin doctors are in metro cities (70%), according to the World Congress of Cosmetic Dermatology, skewing the distribution. With around 10-12% of the population estimated to suffer from skin conditions and dermatology an inherently visual speciality, it’s a market ripe for artificial intelligence-driven disruption.

India’s ‘Cashew Capital’ Loses Ground in Global Race

Less than 5% of Indian engineering students are fit for techie jobs, study finds

India’s biometric database is a massive achievement and a dystopian nightmare

Maniac Killers of the Bangalore IT Department

Partition Changed India’s Food Cultures Forever – The Wire

The older cuisines like Mughlai faded away and in their place came the robust makhni gravy and tandoori dishes

Why is India obsessed with crimes committed by software engineers?

Indian Outsourcing Firms Prep for Curbs on H-1B Visa Workers Under Trump

Indian army man learns to code at age of 65 and now have 110 customers

India Seems to Have Blocked Access to Internet Archive Wayback Machine

Citizens don’t have rights over their bodies – Govt to Supreme court of India

H-1B visa debate: India says it’s a trade and services issue

India programming skills report: only 36% of engineers can write compilable code

India’s central bank is shutting the door on Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies


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