WhatsApp Chatbot Chatbot Portfolio – Chatbots on messenger – WhatsApp, Facebook, Website… utilizes the best of both the worlds. Artificial Intelligence & Human Agent power. It supports 3 mode of chatbot interactions with your customers, employees or business partners. AI Mode – Fully automated AI agents manage or answers all queries Human Mode – Chat queries from various channels come to a Human Agent at one […]

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Engagement Chatbot on WhatsApp

WhatsApp based engagement chatbots for your customers & employees

Gray Matrix had introduced into the market a few months back. utilizes the power of human intelligence and AI, both. You can free up your teams from routine and repetitive tasks and allow them to focus more on deeper engagement with your customers. These interactions can be aggregated from WhatsApp, Website chat, Facebook […]

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Simply123Books Bookkeeping Software

Press Release – Simply123 Books – Bookkeeping via Virtual Assistant, now available on FB Messenger & WhatsApp

Simply123 Books is Bookkeeping made easy in 3 simple steps Step 1 : Select a Category (Income/Expense) Step 2 : Enter Details Step 3 : Submit It is that easy. Simply one, two, three… The cloud-based bookkeeping provides an easy dashboard to know the latest status of your business expenses. You can track your income […]

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Simply123 Books - Bookkeeping Made Easy in 3 Simple Steps.

Simply123 Books – Bookkeeping made easy.

Gray Matrix is happy to announce the release of our product – Simply123 Books. Simply123 Books BookKeeping made easy in 3 simple steps Select a Category (Income/Expense) Enter Details Submit It is that easy. Simply one, two, three… Try it FREE Cloud based BookKeeping Dashboard Income, Expense Tracking Time & Mileage tracking Invoices & Payments […]

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