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Gray Matrix Software Projects – A Quick Portfolio

Gray Matrix has always tried innovative solutions for it’s clients and projects. Here is a quick snapshot of our projects. These projects were well received by our clients, their employees and also well recognized in the media. Some of these projects were appreciated on ProductHunt, Capterra, YourStory, The Indian Express and mentions on many more […]

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Press Release – Simply123 Books – Bookkeeping via Virtual Assistant, now available on FB Messenger & WhatsApp

Simply123 Books is Bookkeeping made easy in 3 simple steps Step 1 : Select a Category (Income/Expense) Step 2 : Enter Details Step 3 : Submit It is that easy. Simply one, two, three… The cloud-based bookkeeping provides an easy dashboard to know the latest status of your business expenses. You can track your income […]

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Simply123 Books - Bookkeeping Made Easy in 3 Simple Steps.

Simply123 Books – Bookkeeping made easy.

Gray Matrix is happy to announce the release of our product – Simply123 Books. Simply123 Books BookKeeping made easy in 3 simple steps Select a Category (Income/Expense) Enter Details Submit It is that easy. Simply one, two, three… Try it FREE Cloud based BookKeeping Dashboard Income, Expense Tracking Time & Mileage tracking Invoices & Payments […]

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Chatbots for Human Resource (HR)

Chatbots are transforming each and every part of business, why not HR ? Modern employees, at all levels and part of all demographics spend majority of their time with some or the other messaging application. Though, some pundits will blame it for frivolousness a lot is achieved through this messaging- birthday greetings, bank alerts, pending […]

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Brands using Chatbots in India

List of Leading Brands using Chatbots in India

Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered services are here to transform the business practices in India. They are impacting & improving almost all aspects of a traditional business. Banking & Insurance sector seems to be taking lead for now, but industries like Travel, E-commerce, Medical Services, HR and even complex process involving sectors like Legal […]

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